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A Rebel with Blood-stained Hands;

I am no Messiah

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"I wish you would awaken and escape this blood-stained destiny of yours. Or you'll struggle and die just like this bird."

Alexiel to Lucifer. Angel Sanctuary.

Character: Alexiel (ironically means Protector of God). Great /Organic Angel. Messiah. Angel of Death. Goddess of Victory. Beloved Daughter of God.
Series: Angel Sanctuary (Manga, CD dramas, OVA).
Version: Manga version, post-volume 20.
Age: Unknown. In Angel Sanctuary canon, she has existed since the Genesis of Heaven (younger than God and the Adam Kadmon but older than her twin, Rosiel).
Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Somewhat difficult to convey. Arguably, most could claim she eventually develops romantic feelings for Lucifer. However, she is largely asexual (and it took eons for her to reciprocate Lucifer’s feelings). Her known human reincarnations are heterosexual, with a dangerous inclination for impossible relationships.

Appearance: Alexiel has curly brown hair that is worn loose, past her hips; her eyes are of a deep blue*, and her skin is smooth and fair, only marred on her left breast where her fallen crest stands as a black spot - a dagger in a compass rose. She doesn’t posses a signature outfit, wearing a different wardrobe throughout the series: from brown and white battle robes with hoods, leather boots, and gloves, to a strapless blue silk gown and high-heeled shoes. It depends on the occasion and who was in control of her body. There was a period when the Organic Angel did not wear anything at all, strolling blissfully nude in the Garden of Eden.

Alexiel’s body is built tall, slender, and fragile looking; the shoulder pads of her battle clothes made her look more muscular than she really is. Despite her rather masculine nature, she goes bejewelled with numerous rings and a gem on the middle of her forehead. Occasionally, she spreads her six white wings**, the representation of her high astral powers, to soar up the sky. If she loses hold of her emotions, her eyes glow eerily white and her features darken.

*Like most characters in AS, Alexiel’s eyes are coloured differently according to the official art piece. I chose blue because her latest reincarnation, Setsuna, also has blue eyes. ** Alexiel originally had three wings but, in v. 20, she absorbs Rosiel’s body inside her and grants Setsuna the power of six. This would naturally return to her when the battle is over.

Personality: Rumored to be an emotionless doll, Alexiel is quite the opposite of the legend; she has an encompassing love for all creatures and goes to great lengths to protect them from suffering, even at the cost of personal sacrifice. Proud, brave and somewhat impulsive in her actions, the Organic Angel yearns for freedom in order to live as an ordinary woman after an existence in captivity. She’s self-conscious about her status as female (Heaven is sexist) and wishes she had been born a man to accomplish her desires completely.

Alexiel doesn’t judge people for what they are, how they were born, or how they were created. Like Lucifer, she tends to see through them and often detects the pains that demons conceal, the vileness the so-called angels hide, as well as her own faults. Thus, she despises hypocrisy and rebels against those who make it a form of life. Because of this, she tends to be rather direct in her way of speech, either when she taunts and jokes, or when she’s speaking seriously. Usually, she appears cold to strangers, while gentle, understanding, and warm to the handful able to grow close to her.

Abilities/Weaponry: At the beginning, Alexiel represents half of Creation. She has command over four of the five elements of the Universe (air, water, earth, and fire), as well the organic substances (thus her body can regenerate from scratch to her original form). At the very end of the series, Rosiel grants his sister and Setsuna his physical form and powers to defeat YHWH while he dies in peace; this implies the control over ether/spirit (the fifth element), time, entropy, and inorganic substance (including the virtual, for Rosiel was able to turn himself into a killing computer virus in the first arc of Angel Sanctuary) have passed to her domain as well. However, much of this power was employed in destroying God; Alexiel in Paixao will be drained until she, slowly, recovers back to her prime (she will have access to all the elements, but in a minor scale, not a cosmic level). Furthermore, she’s not used to Rosiel’s powers; it would take a lot for her a lot to learn to master them fully.

Other abilities worth mentioning are that she is a superb warrior (fighting techniques unknown) and strategist, able to defeat Lucifer unarmed in Eden, lead the Evil race into holy war with the angels, and patiently scheme the fall of God (don’t confuse this with being a good ruler, she’s not. Alexiel’s a good rebel, but doesn’t work within a system; she’s more of an outcast). She is also the only known wielder of Nanatsusaya Mitama noTsurugi (along with Setsuna), the most powerful weapon in AS canon. In the end, that was the weapon with which the Messiah used to slay God Himself. We can easily guess it cuts through most materials and feeds on the life force of the wielder. However, that might come with a price. If Alexiel (or Setsuna) were to employ all of its potential, she (or he) shall be left drained and vulnerable.

Lesser but noteworthy skills are the ability to fly (due to her wings) and the power to see into people’s real selves. Normally, I mostly play those two and her regeneration, unless the situation justifies something bigger.

An addition that isn’t related to Alexiel’s power, but is rather important to attach, for Paixao has interesting wildlife (either npc or pc): The flesh of angels is told to increase the lifespan of those who consume it and grant special abilities. But at the same time, it will damn whoever tries to taste it (and probably induce endless suffering, for Alexiel is a high angel). I’m clarifying this in case some creature tries to eat a limb or two from her body, as it could carry troublesome developments.

Weaknesses: Long list, just like her powers and strengths.

In the psychological department, Alexiel considers herself tainted, sinful, and evil. She only regards her deeds as the feeble attempts of a puppet trying to fight against her strings. While she could be heroic and leader-like (as her allies celebrate her), in the end the effort isn’t enough because she thinks she’s only good for killing, and her will falters. Even her condition as a woman is regarded as inferior in her opinion (this is why Alexiel chose Setsuna, her Messiah, to be male).

On the subject of mood swings and relationship with her power, Alexiel was raised to act as a doll - passive, immobile, and hollow. She needs an external reason or impulse to make her snap from this state. I reckon that she will act this way at the beginning of the rp until something or someone brings her out of it (could be from providing her a purpose now that she has none to appeal her sense of compassion/justice/freedom). One of the perils she is exposed to is strong emotion; it is losing control and falling into a massive-scale destructive rage, this is why she normally fears displaying strong feelings (even if they exist, burning within her).

Her most important mental weakness is her own (dead) family. If either Rosiel or Adam Kadmon is at stake, Alexiel will lose her courage and abandon her quest. Her heart goes soft with them (particularly Rosiel) and she is able to put herself (and others) in suffering for his sake.

In her interactions, while normally gentle and loving (when she bothers to feel anything at all), Alexiel can be extremely cruel to the ones who are loyal to her. Her treatment of Kira/Lucifer/ Nanatsusaya is noteworthy. She taunted and mocked him with cruel words and rejection when she knew about his feelings (and when she wished his freedom for the best). Perhaps this was born of sexual tension that riled her and she wasn’t mature enough emotionally to embrace those emotions. This subject links to her sexuality.

Her colossal bad luck manages to cage/trap/curse her all the time, thus her inability to leave Paixao could be almost considered canon. ;)

As for physical weak points, most angels have the source of their power in their wings: rip them out and they will lose their astral powers and eventually become flesh-eating ghouls. While Alexiel is special and regenerates, if a wing is torn, she will be weakened for a period of time until she heals the loss. Changes in their hair length also affect their abilities, they don’t lose them, but the abilities could become erratic and uncontrolled.

History: The formerly official version claimed that Alexiel was the twin sister of Rosiel, one who rebelled against Heaven out of love for God and jealousy that he preferred her brother to herself.

This was far from the truth.

In the Beginning, there was Adam Kadmon, female and male as one. After the Genesis of Heaven, the Holy Hermit bore the first set of twins: Alexiel and Rosiel, the original pair that the Creator shaped so as to split the powers of the Seraphita.

Alexiel was born as the female part: the beautiful, positive concept of all things natural and thus, in control over the elements of the world. Rosiel, by contrast, was a negative concept born as a shapeless, old creature made of flesh and wires. Seeing the pain of her twin, Alexiel asked God to build him a body using her own parts, ever regenerating. And the Creator agreed, and in exchange she was made to promise that she would never show affection towards her twin. If Alexiel were to do so, Rosiel would die. God feared that the twins could unite against his power and therefore thought that separation would make the siblings easier to manipulate.

Alexiel agreed to the terms including the painful process of granting a body to Rosiel. After the deed was done, God sealed her powers away via her incarceration to the apparently pristine Garden of Eden. There, the Organic Angel spent her days in solitude, forced to eat the Forbidden Fruit, the body of the Adam Kadmon itself; she could count only on the company of the sisters, some birds, and the occasional visits from her brother who sought the love and approval she contractually denied.

It was in Eden that Alexiel met Lucifael (later known as Lucifer). He had just been bestowed his duty of becoming the Prince of Darkness and, angered with this fate, he sought to spite God by raping and killing his beloved daughter. During this encounter, he was defeated and saw much of himself was within Alexiel, finding a kindred soul and slowly falling in love with her. At her astonishment and outrage, the future Demon Lord fled from the Garden with parting remarks of how she was his woman now, a matter that she had best remember, should she ever escape from Eden.

The order of events in Alexiel’s life after this is disjointed and fragmented. Somewhere along the way, she befriended the Archangel Uriel, the Elemental Angel of Earth, and witnessed her twin’s confession that his body was rotting along with his mind. Rosiel asked, though thinking she did not care for him, to kill him before that happened. Then she was released from Eden by Lucifer. As punishment, God erased his memories and sealed his soul in a sword - the Nanatsusaya - who maddened and killed anyone who dared to wield it until the day that Alexiel came by it. She confronted the evil spirit, promising to reveal his past in exchange for service.

Since that day, Nanatsusaya and Alexiel fought together against angels, for she had sided with the Evil race in the second holy war after realizing the hypocrisy of her brethren. During this era, Alexiel saved and mentored the heir of Anagura, Princess Kurai. The war finished with the confrontation between Rosiel and Alexiel. She wanted to fulfill her promise to her brother, to kill him before he lost his mind but faltered at the last minute, she could not bring herself to do it. Instead, she sealed Rosiel in Assiah (Earth), hoping one day she could defeat God and free both of them from misery. However, this action weakened her greatly and she was easily captured by her twin’s followers.

Back in Heaven, the High Council put Alexiel on trial for her actions and she was forced to lie about loving God in order to protect her brother. Enraged, the jealous Uriel sentenced her body to be trapped in an angel crystal and her soul to reincarnate in Assiah as a mortal who will live a miserable life and die a painful death, over and over again.

It was during Alexiel’s last incarnation, as Setsuna Mudou, that finally she could find release. She chose the boy as her Messiah, to act as the man she would have wanted to have been born as since the beginning. After dire battles (in which she occasionally manifested, taking control of Setsuna’s personality) Alexiel could finally confess her feelings to Rosiel, freeing both of them from that thirst their cruel Creator had started. Unfortunately, it was too late to save her brother from his fate and he asked his sister to end his life so he could join his beloved, Katan. Alexiel complied and then allowed Setsuna (who had not just Alexiel’s power but also Rosiel’s and the lingering, fading light of the Adam Kadmon) to strike down YHWH in order to save Creation and his sister, Sara.

Alexiel is last seen as a spirit reconciling and embracing with Lucifer after God was destroyed.

Alexiel belongs to Kaori Yuki. Played by sir_hellsing. AIM contact: Larisa Thessaly.